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Bastila finally managed to get back her courage and spoke to Revan as best she could focusing on getting her heart back to beating normally.

Bastila then looked at him with a pleading look, her blush getting deeper in color, no doubt due to feeling his pleasure in staring at her like this and she spoke out in near mad desperation. Ingrid hoffmann tits. You had a stressful day. Star wars bastila nude. The Jedi Sentinel gulped a bit but she felt the excitement as she began to gently remove her lover's clothing, she wished that she was able to remain focused on what she was doing at this moment and as soon as she was done she blushed bright red at the sight of her lover naked before her, she gently ran her hands on his body, feeling the muscles there, the hot skin, the scars of his battles and his frame.

Panting, Bastila replied, "I From this moment forward you are now not only my apprentice, but my slave. However, I suggest we get in some combat practice. Had never even considered it, neither when she was a Jedi or a Sith. Your review has been posted. With that in mind, he slowly ran his hands on her form, relishing the heat from her skin as well as the feel of her smooth skin, he felt the occasional scars there, but paid them no mind as they had been healed well by Med-Pacs as well as the Force so they hardly bothered him.

Bastila watched as the tall lithe form stretched before her, muscles showed just under Revan's olive tanned skin. Bastila knew that full well when she met him long ago.

However, Bastila felt herself leave her own mind and wander into Revan's. Artistic nude black women. Bastila was caught by Revan as the Sith's green eyes flashed in surprise. The blow came from nowhere. He used to say that she would become a very talented and beautiful Jedi someday…making her blush a good deal.

Awakening her from her slumber. Topic Archived Page 1 2 3 4 of 4 Next Last. This went on for a bit more as Revan could feel the heat coming from her sex as well as the wetness and Bastila could feel the hardness in her hands.

The Jedi strike team arrive on Revan's ship to find the Sith Matriarch waiting for them. The answer came quickly, she couldn't trust Bastila. Your review has been posted. How long until you betray me again? I don't see why you should be embarrassed at all my Jedi Princess. As she pumped her finger, always stopping just short of Basitla's hymen, Revan turned her attention to the woman's clit.

At least she was still alive. The trooper was on the wall on the other side of the hallwaybeing held up against the corridor wall by a tall lithe figure in familiar black robes And then, it was over.

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An anger that hadn't subsided like she had hoped.

She then dove in and latched on to one of the pink buds, tugging on it with her teeth as her other hand began to knead the other. Amina malakona nude. Helena smiled warmly at Bastila and spoke to her daughter.

Sea-green eyes held a fire in them that frightened the Jedi, but that didn't stop Bastila. Bastila gasped in surprise at the ferocity of the woman in between her legs. Bastila stared at Revan's chest for a moment. It was then that Bastila saw it, her lightsaber.

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Bastila's fingers wrapped around the base of her lightsaber, and pulled. MagisterMagica MagisterMagica 9 years ago There were the kisses they had, but she was thinking that she could…. The other men looked at Revan and wondered just what was eating the Prodigal Knight so much…Jolee was the first to spout it out.

After a short time Revan removed her bountiful bosom from Bastila's reach, clearly unsatisfied. Stars flashed to starlines, and the Ebon Hawk was in hyperspace.

She wanted to feel it more as she was being touched by Revan, and she was not thinking like a Jedi anymore, she was thinking like a woman who was with the man she loved with all her heart.

Revan pressed her body against Bastila and whispered in her ear, "I've loved and wanted you since the cave on Tatooine. Tossing these to the side, she stood back up, kicking off her jumpsuit to join her boots. Lesbian supergirl porn. Anguish, as the Jedi's lover's body lay before the young woman, pale as a winter's bone. Star wars bastila nude. Revan's lust was taking over as she shoved her apprentice onto the bed and ripped her bra off as she climbed on top of her.

Revan then climbed off of her apprentice, stood up and removed her panties before straddling Bastila's face. Revan tried to say something that would try to remedy the situation before things got out of hand and then replied.

There's a lot of ship to cover and a lot of questions to be answered. The brunette nodded and she tried to calm herself a bit before she was going to suffer from so much pleasure, and she could feel that Revan was doing the very same thing as well, they were able to calm each other and when they were able to do so, she reached out and began to gently touch Revan's form, and she couldn't help but smile when she heard and felt the sharp intake of breath as he continued to touch her body, gently doing so, she then did the same thing as well as she moved her hands on her lover's form.

The Dark Lord's breasts were a little larger than hers, but they looked firm. I told you Revan, I will not submit to you as your slave or your apprentice. Then Malak betrayed Revan, opened fire on the ship's command bridge…And when she recovered, she knew that her companion Jedi were killed, she didn't waste time on wondering how she survived Malak's betrayal of Revan, but she knew that she did as the ship's particle fields contained the atmosphere for her survive.

He looked to spot Mission happily eating some food and sweets, while Zaalbar was busy eating and also keeping an eye on the young Twi'lek to prevent her from eating herself to become fat. Pain, the smell of smoke and burning flesh.

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Revan then replied as he gently hugged her. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Naked arab wives. The celebration on the planet of Rakata Prime began to die down as the Republic soldiers, pilots, officers settled in for a long night of drinking and partying along with the Jedi that survived the assault on the Star Forge, even the Jedi were in the mood to celebrate, in their own way with the Republic.

I heard the news! Many of them gangsters, but the idea was there; how do you keep a kath hound tame? She gripped the sheets in a white-knuckled grasp and let out a series of rather loud moans, never leaving the eye-lock her master had kept throughout the ordeal.

Anyway, here's my latest piece of M rated smuttiness, read it, review it, help me get back on track! He stowed the device, then looked at his slave. This went on for a bit more as Revan could feel the heat coming from her sex as well as the wetness and Bastila could feel the hardness in her hands. Mature milf mom tube Bastila looked at the Shadow Council again, this time their forms were a little clearer, definite humanoid shapes. I don't see why you should be embarrassed at all my Jedi Princess.

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YOUNG GIRL GET HARD FUCK But then the Mandalorian Wars happened and Revan, with Kyr and Malak left, gathering others to fight for the Republic, against the wishes of the Jedi Council…shocking Bastila since he had just been ordained a Jedi Knight, and what he would do would make him lose it. Bastila closed her eyes willing it to be over.
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Young nude gf pics The chime from the door came shortly. Revan found her on the observation deck at the top of the station, a good twenty levels above her quarters.

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