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I mean, I'm 24 and I know what you're talking about.

Just Re-listened to good kid, m. Sexy dancing girls tumblr. Edited to say tldr I think most people know the laws you're talking about exist, I'm trying to help elucidate why this is a discussion to begin with; many people disagree with the laws they way they are now. Most likely, whichever did the recording and distributed it. Lil pump nudes. Just recorded in our memories. I prefer white on yellow. The moral problem becomes when one of them decides to share the photos of the other; there is now personal harm caused to the subject of the photos if those photos are shared without their consent, and social harm even with the subjects' consent.

Anyway you dice it, it is still sexual images of someone under the age of 18 being produced and distributed. Because by law young people can't consent to sex. Either you need a solid half-dozen caveats there, or you seem to fall into the same category of people who don't know statutory rape laws.

We shouldn't be making loopholes that could possibly be exploited. There's a difference between doing something stupid and recording it and posting it online for all to see though, that's extra stupid. Sexy indonesian girls pics. You may be warned for rule offenses instead of banned, but certain offenses are ban-on-sight, and all bans are up to the mod's discretion.

Should we outlaw forks? Are you 13 to 16? And once those pictures are public, yes its child porn. The Problem With Kendrick Lamar That would be interesting to know. And this was just a normal guy. But it just destabilized your understanding of the world. You can consent to anyone in this range. Forgot I even had one. Yeah, 16 year olds are pretty dumb. Want to add to the discussion? Now all that cringe and stupidity is luckily not recorded anywhere in the Internet.

Yeah, I think texting it to one another should be a grey area, posting it publicly whether you're under 18 or not is hammertime. You take your Pizzagate, Australia. Bitch slap lesbian sex. Being anonymous on the Internet is the best way to get the benefits of being online without the drawbacks.

Nothing's changed or been added to the wall but it's still up. More fucked up than you realize, probably. I would definitely expect felony charges. Kids don't get the long term.

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Well now being a prostitute is your only option, because no one will ever hire you for anything else.

So much cringe material. Amber evans nude pics. Right or wrong I tend to fall on the side of "the laws are way too broad" the majority of states allow for some situations where adults can have consensual sex with minors. Being anonymous on the Internet is the best way to get the benefits of being online without the drawbacks. Lil pump nudes. Just ask Ansel Elgort, who was met with a ton of criticism after he told XXXTentacion via Twitter the world loves him because he's an "artist.

Not to burst your bubble, but people above the age of 21 are just as capable of poor design choices as people below. Users who break rules may receive a warning via PM or a distinguished comment.

As opposed to all the other subject matters covered this subreddit and the golden glow that settles upon them once they enter here? In this state, an 18 and 15 year old can have a relationship, and be perfectly legal. If she was involved in the decision to make and distribute it, they both could be prosecuted. When I was in high school i knew a guy who's phone got confiscated and they found nudes of his gf on it they were both minors. Songs Hall of Fame. Yo iCarly when you gonna let Lil Pump fuck???

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There are similar laws all over the US. Dawns place tits. When submitting drama do not link to the full comments. If it was nude pictures of himself maybe. Anyone else kinda like subliminals in rap? In a largely unrelated side note, Canada has a very reasonable stance on this issue: Add an image, video, or tweet by pasting in the URL: Now all that cringe and stupidity is luckily not recorded anywhere in the Internet.

I'm going to have to disagree on that one. Sherman is the name of the practitioner. If a 15 year old and a 17 year old have sex when the age of consent is 16, and there's no Romeo and Juliet laws that allow that, then the 17 year old can have charges filed.

His phone obscures most of his face, but his towel doesn't exactly cover up a more sensitive area of his body. There's a clear difference between that and child pornography and it should be codified in law so it isn't left up to the whims of a judge as to whether or not their lives are permanently affected.

The filming or photography of any sexual act involving anyone under the age of 18 anywhere in the United States is by law, child pornography. How to write for Genius. She feeling that BBC up in her womb yo.

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See here for more information. If your post points out bad behavior more than it does drama, it will be removed.

My state has age of consent at Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Breast photos naked. Info on our irc channel Info Regarding our flair The Drama Archive A handy list of popcorn gifs, for your viewing pleasure.

Ofc I enjoy the in-your-face, confrontational beefs and public call outs as much as the next guy, and I. Amber jennings nude photos I'm good at it. Just the stupid ones. They will prosecute them for posting that video though My plan B is to win ya hearts before I win a Grammy.

I've met like half a dozen 16 year olds in my life who weren't complete fucking idiots, myself at 16 not included. I cringe at most comments in hiphopheads and I love hiphop.

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