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Already have an account? It's called the "cold shoulder" look, doesn't look comfortable or warm enough: It IS, however, not appropriate for the job.

Alex witt nude

Personal opinion here - but this cold-shoulder look is ridiculous and will soon become as dated as 80s padded shoulders and 60s Nehru jackets.

Response to jodymarie aimee Original post Sun Oct 8, It isn't certain who the OP is. I get that bare shoulders are anathema to you, but I can see those without zooming in and I have no religion telling me to find bare shoulders offensive.

Recent Searches Clear all. Sexy girl fuck game. You've never heard of the concept "professional attire? If you experience any difficulties, please try disabling Adblock. Alex witt nude. At the same time, I think there is professional dress an there is something else.

When I started, straight out of college radio in the mid-'70s, there were almost NO women in any significant positions. She changed her shoes. Nobody is accusing her of looking slutty.

Or did they make her wear it? If he were wearing a roughed up tux people would know So if Ali Velshi or Anderson Cooper came on camera wearing a tank top.

Response to monmouth4 Reply 1 Sun Oct 8, I think seeing bare shoulders adds a little more skin in the image but seeing shoulders is not unusual. You wear stuff like that to the beach. I'm more disturbed anyone started a tut tutting thread about her outfit than by her outfit! I will not read the other comments. Christ on a location shoot wearing taffeta and strappy sandals. Hot legs milf pics. It would be inappropriate for a teacher, for a banker, for a cop, for a physician, Not sure what the big deal is.

I'm very uneasy about all that "look how my clothes are almost falling off! Well said, thank you It is unfortunate that there are too many men - young and old - and even young women, who do not understand what a professional appearance mean.

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I don't think it's appropriate for a news program. AW looks ridiculous now and will look like a fool a year from now.

When I first found video of today I figured I must be looking at an older clip because it didn't seem bad at all. Bow wow nude pics. It sure took you all a long time to notice. I thought her serious haircut, losing the hackneyed glam locks, was her big restyling.

She's in-studio, in the anchor chair, and all you see is bare skin from the chest up. I think the top is fine. Shit - I remember going to radio conventions where I was the only female wearing a blazer. Alex witt nude. Don't have an account? I hope women all over America are tweeting to her about how slutty and inappropriate she's "dressed", while purporting to anchor the news. Jesus H christ, Are we adults here, Is this ? My favorite anchor person!

Just look at CNN's long discussion of bump stocks and gun rights elbowing aside little, unimportant things like children's healthcare, SCOTUS's gerrymandering case, the newest tax scan to transfer increasingly large amounts of our national wealth to a few.

I have no idea. Panama city beach tits. Response to asiliveandbreathe Reply 3 Sun Oct 8, You've never heard of the concept "professional attire?

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Yes, she might be "a fairly attractive lady wearing a nice outfit", and again, that's the point, she's not hosting a lollapalooza fashion sale on the Home Shopping Network, yeah? Most of us don't. Response to tblue37 Reply 63 Sun Oct 8, Response to calimary Reply 15 Sun Oct 8, I mean, what the freak?! But who wants professional-looking women on their TV?

And I find the dress, hair styles and obvious selection for appearance of the female anchors that I see happily only in passing on cable news offensive when contrasted to that of the male anchors. I opened this thread thinking it'd be about something else, btw, and find involved discussion of a blouse. I think the worsd that people are struggling for is "casual". Check post 43 if you want the pic.

BTW, the shoulder cut-out has been a fashion trend for a year now, Alex Witt has been wearing them for six months. Thats what my mom said I do agree though, sexy dressing is NOT a requirement for news anchors. Response to wasupaloopa Reply Sun Oct 8,

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Mature black milf tube Yeah, alert ME, after your asinine insult. She leaves a lot to be desired as a journalist, but when she chose to pull a beachy, summer sundress out of her closet in October to show off her bare shoulders, she gave up all pretense to the profession. She was just wearing the latest in fashion I don't plan to wear it, but I don't get the question about the beach.
Cute lesbian girls videos I WAS a news anchor when I was younger. AlexWitt Who OK'd your "anchoring" the news with all that bare skin showing? You are showing your age there; Roy died 25 years ago.
Huge tits tiny top You've got to be kidding with this. Sexy Alex pleasure numerous massive shafts. Its absolute brain dead nonsense.
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