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Cinema seemed content to go for the easy options of either warm-hearted but unchallenging regional comedies The Full Monty, Brassed Offclass-conscious rom-coms Four Weddings And A Funeral, anything else with a stammering Hugh Grantor gritty post-Trainspotting films, usually featuring drugs, 'geezers' and terrible scripts.

View All Critic Reviews At one point in his travels Johnny finds a copy of Homer's The Odyssey and it becomes clear that Mike Leigh's aim is to create a portrait of modern Man lost and searching for his way home.

The short film also comes with a commentary by Leigh. Big ass and tits images. Show 25 25 50 All. In other words, this is a film, one I already admired unequivocally the first time I saw it, whose greatness actually seems to keep increasing over the course of an ongoing engagement with it. CLOSING Unfortunately not a complete port of the laserdisc even failing to port over the rather cool laserdisc cover art, going instead with a rather bland still from the film and containing little in the way of supplements, the release did let me down somewhat since it was a release I had been greatly anticipating.

Ewen Bremner as Archie. Mike leigh naked dvd. Don't like you if you're strong, don't like you if you're weak; hate you if you're clever, hate you if you're stupid. He processes all information with shamanic alarmism, fashioning batshit, species-wide conspiracy theories that are either useful subterfuge or clever self-validation for his incessant anxiety.

By signing up you enjoy subscriber-only access to the latest news, personalized book picks and special offers, delivered right to your inbox. The Criterion Collection Blu-ray '. David Foxxe as Tea Bar Owner. Amateur gf huge tits. According to friends far smarter than me a stairwell is "a classic non-space". Mike Leigh and David Thewlis's cerebral rape and pillage in the village of Naked peel back the maggot-infested curtain of Thatcher's London to reveal an atom of hope.

Louise has invested a certain amount of affection in him, and poor Sophie falls head over heels. While the paralleling of Thewlis's character with another monstrous one isn't as neatly executed as one would expect, this is still a worthy film that gives you an intense perception of the underbelly of certain English societies.

Mike Leigh directs David Thewlis in an unrelenting, uncompromisingly cynical portrayal of self-loathing and alienation. It makes a great, light chaser to the heavier, sometimes overwhelming profundity of the feature. This is a classic case of car-wreck film making: For Johnny - our central anti-hero - it will be just another day to duck and dive, avoid all work and wind people up using his extensive back reading. Louise is surprised and somewhat annoyed to see Johnny again but offers to help him out.

Naked is the story of Johnny David Thewlis, in a richly deserved Cannes best-actor-winning performancean overeducated, underemployed, oddly seductive low-life who, after becoming too aggressive during a back-alley sexual encounter, flees from his hometown of Manchester in the industrial, economically lagging North of England to London, where he crash-lands at the comparatively luxurious home in which his ex-girlfriend, Louise Lesley Sharp, The Red Riding Trilogy rents a room as she works to evolve from a tough, downtrodden Northerner to a London career girl.

Naked is the expression of hearts exposed. He seduces Sophie the excellent Katrin Cartlidgeunleashes a display of venom on his old lover, Louise Lesley Sharp and staggers off into the night when both women become too much for him to bear. While they are not exact representations they should offer a general idea of overall video quality.

This is a wandering odyssey film and features a central performance - by David Thewlis - that ranks along the best ever witnessed in cinema.

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He seduces Sophie the excellent Katrin Cartlidgeunleashes a display of venom on his old lover, Louise Lesley Sharp and staggers off into the night when both women become too much for him to bear. Instead of struggling against outside dangers, Johnny rails against the world and everything in it, reserving an especially vile attitude for those who dare attempt to be cheerful in his presence.

It deserves one of the highest accolades movies can receive: Low to High Price: Grease 40th Anniversary Edition.

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The set-up is a bit awkward, as is the obviously enthralled and nervous Self, but that just makes the proceedings all the more charming, while Leigh himself is a delightful, modest, articulate, intense yet humorous presence whose generosity of spirit and love for his work make you wish the interview would go on for at least another half-hour.

At the center of Naked is David Thewlis as Johnny, one of the most kinetic performances ever filmed and a complex character if there ever was one.

As external commentary, there is a video appreciation, The heart of the matter: Susan Vidler as Maggie. Curvy tit fuck. Mike leigh naked dvd. In a poor working class London home Penny's love for her partner, taxi-driver Phil, has run dry, but when an unexpected tragedy occurs, they and their local community are brought together, and they rediscover their love.

This is the first film I have ever seen that takes on sexual coercion in a head on fashion. I rather enjoyed it and found it worth the time. Enter Your Email for Coupon. You think you can recapture your youth by fucking it.

Sandra Voe as Bag Lady. Johnny quickly becomes embroiled in the usual twentysomething mishaps: Naked is disturbing, unpleasant, frightening and utterly bleak. Thanks to David Thewlis' performance, which has been collecting prizes since last spring's Cannes Film Festival, Johnny's energy and ferocious wit outweigh his brutishness. Hot nude girl selfies. You'll also find the trailer on this disc, which I think is the American one the laserdisc included the UK one.

Enter Your Email Address to Subscribe. John Lurie, whose band, the Lounge Lizards, was one of the most acclaimed jazz groups of the eighties and nineties, has recorded twenty-two albums and has acted in several films, including Stranger Than Paradise, Down by Law, and The Last Temptation.

But because of the very visible excellence of the writing and performances, the technical virtuosity of Leigh's films can sometimes be overlooked. David Foxxe as Tea Bar Owner. What happens to the on-screen people the day after this film ends? Samuel Beam is an American singer-songwriter and former film studies professor! Republished by permission of Turner Classic Movies. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Topics such as urban alienation, career-choice unemployment, leeching, homelessness, drug taking and sexual violence would normally send me running for cover; but what we have here is so well constructed and so skilfully acted that it transcends it own headline topics.

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