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I loved them when I thought they were just very good friends who had chosen to open a cafe together and live together and raise a child together and be together foreverbut I loved them even more when I realised that I had been growing up with a sneakily non-heteronormative portrait of romantic happiness.

Ruth left Frank Bennett to be with Idgy. That is precisely what I was trying to say. Slutty hot lesbians. Fried green tomatoes book lesbian. They raised Ruth's son sort of as co-parents, so I can see how it might seem like they were in that sort of relationship. March 26, at 8: Throughout this thread there have been some who have suggested that the nature of Idgie and Ruth's relationship "doesn't matter", or that it is reductive in some way if one interprets them through that prism.

Here's a helpfull passage from the book: Jul 02, I always thought Ms. And I think that Idgie and Ruth loved each other very much, but one must re I always wanted to see Idgie end up with Grady, but apparently she married someone else and had a son with some sort of health issues from which he died young. The problem with Ruth and Idgie is not that they are invisible to a heterosexist lens, but rather, skillfully manipulated by it.

These stories, along with Ninny's friendship, enable Evelyn to begin a new, satisfying life while allowing the people and stories of Ninny's youth to live on. I was also unsure whether or not Idgie and Ruth were a couple and so did some research on it after finishing the book.

You have javascript disabled. This question wasn't to judge the characters either way. Nude olympic gymnast. Idgie and Ruth are business partners, best friends, and in the eyes of many, also lesbians.

The film, which was nominated for an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, is divided into two separate narratives: Food stands in for lesbian sexuality. You said it in a nutshell. Idgie and Ruth are accepted in their community because they never openly identify themselves as lesbians. Indeed, Ruth and Idgie are truly women-identified women.

University of Minnesota Press. In the company of women. The one thing that really, really tipped it in my favor was that Idgie's father gave her a speech about being responsible for Ruth as well as the seed money to start the cafe. I would have an entirely different understanding of who they are and what motivates their actions if I was under the impression that they were only a close platonic friendship. She didn't believe me.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. We know this is not the usual stomping ground for out lesbians! The question being debated in this thread seems to boil down to whether or not Idgie and Ruth had a romantic sexual relationship.

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The question matters but it doesn't. Natalya rudakova tits. The film also focuses more on the racial theme rather than the lesbian plot of the novel.

I don't believe there was a physical relationship between Idgie and Ruth,but I do agree with another poster, they shared a mutual love of Buddy. The film was called Fried Green Tomatoesand was released in One can understand being upset at having a friend leave, but to get as upset as Idgie gets, shows that they are much more than friends. While on vacation, she receives a letter from Mrs. Ruth left Frank because he was a monster. This page was last edited on 12 Marchat Feb 23, Happily for us, Fannie Flagg has preserved a whole community of them in a richly comic, poignant narrative that records the exuberance of their lives, the sadness of their departure.

Eva gives Idgie this warning: At the end of the book, Evelyn visits Ninny Threadgood's grave. Fried green tomatoes book lesbian. Between subsequent visits, Evelyn assumes the protagonists of these stories as role models. Idgie was cool toward Ruth when she first came back into her life some years after Buddy's death. Sweet lesbian seductions. She visits the other family graves and she sees Ruth's grave; there are pink roses from the old Threadgoode house left there by Idgie, so they couldn't have been the same person.

They are repeatedly refered to as a couple, Stump is refered to as their son and his last name When Ruth is living with Idgie and about to have her baby, Idgie's father gives her what I have to call a 'man-to-man' talk; he talks to her about the responsibilities of caring for and supporting a family.

I thought the book was less clear about it, but I think they were. To say that they are a lesbian couple does mean that they are sexually involved with each other. There's a brief episode in the book where Ruth walks out on Idgie. These stories, along with Ninny's friendship, enable Evelyn to begin a new, satisfying life while allowing the people and stories of Ninny's youth to live on. I'm not sure why you're suggesting that they didn't understand that they had a romantic sexual relationship with one another.

When I put this post up I wasn't finished reading the novel.

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Thank you for that. When Evelyn is going through the shoe box of Ninny's knick knacks she finds pictures of both Ninny and Idgie and has to ask who Idgie is, so she clearly had never seen Idgie before. However, there are many episodes between Idgie and Ruth that are undeniable proof that they are homosexuals.

While i am in support of any kind of loving relationship, I think it's wrong to just assume that because two women are best friends and they are living together they are automatically lesbian - I have got good girl friends I am very close to and love but that doesn't make me a lesbian.

She was also quoted saying she didn't create lesbian characters. Also Ruth was most certainly a lesbian. As for Idgie and Ruth's relationship?

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Flagg does not describe in the novel any sexual experiences between Idgie and Ruth. Lesbianism is also obscured by a heterosexist variety of nostalgia, and because of this is perhaps even more difficult to see than class.

May 11, Comments 13 Views: The next thing I know I'm in floods of tears Was 11 years old when this came out, and kinda knew there was something 'different' about the two. Rosamund pike tits. March 12, at 8: Ninny's story begins with tomboy Idgie Threadgoode, the youngest of the Threadgoode children, whom Ninny describes as her sister-in-law.

No one questions Idgie's right to discipline Stump, as another parent would. Mature curvy milf tumblr A lot of people feel that the movie had a different take than the novel did. However, whether or not Idgie and Ruth are sexually involved is a decision that is left up to the reader. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat More you may like. Threadgoode's urging, is treated for menopause and confronts various long-held fears.

The way that they speak and act towards each other throughout that scene is very characteristic of the way many lovers, both heterosexual and homosexual, speak and act towards each other.

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Big booty women nude pics I'm not sure why you're suggesting that they didn't understand that th I'm not sure why you're suggesting that they didn't understand that they had a romantic sexual rel December 1, at 4:
Sexy naked surfer girls When Idgie had grinned at her and tried to hand her that jar of honey, all these feelings she had ben trying to hold back came flooding through her, and it was at that second in time that she knew she loved Idgie with all her heart", p.
Jessica barth nude photos Threadgoode were different people, but in the movie it was suggested they were the same. Female Friendships , August 19,
Photo pussy milf As a professor of mine put it, the filmmakers seemed to have wanted to 'redeem' Idgie, by having her straighten up literally , marry a man and have a family of her own.
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